Meet Charlie Hoops!  

Charlie is here most days and usually just roams the shop waiting to meet and greet .  He's very friendly and loves kids.  Please excuse his mess of tennis balls and chew toys strewn about the shop


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About Us

East Side Cycle first came about in 1998 as both operators as well as father and son, Art and Eric Gruber, found a need for a specialty shop in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. Starting out small with a 2500 square foot showroom, they have now grown to double their original size and in the process have moved a total of three times. East Side's philosophy has always been "you gotta have it to sell it" and its evident in the massive selection of bikes, parts and accessories that are available and yes, actually in stock.

East Side caters to the bicycle enthusiasts as they have everything available from the exotic to the common, latest and greatest to the tried and true. Seeing as they dont specialize in one type of bike you'll find everything on two wheels whether it be road,tri, mountain, recreational or even electric powered. Along with the fantastic selection, East Side also offers superb service ranging from the typical bicycle tune-up to the more intensive tasks of custom welding, machining etc... Due to their knowledgeable and experienced staff, they are able to assist you and steer you ,so to speak, in the right direction with any of your questions, concerns or dilemmas.

So come check us out and see for yourself, even if it is just to fondle the goodies.

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